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“Getting funky with a fiddle and electronic beats not dissimilar to Alabama 3’s eclectic acid drum‘n’bass. As purple and white lights flash they keep a disparate audience hooked.” 
— The Skinny
“An unbelievable tour de force on stage, a musical paradigm shift... trippy, diverse, innovative, unique and oozing raw natural talent and creativity. Easily one of the best bands around today!”
— New Hellfire Club Glasgow



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Check out the video for our tune Fiddle Castro! Video by Katie Revell; https://vimeo.com/katierevell/
Single from Yoko Pwno, originally released on 19th December 2018. Check out the re-mastered version on their new album 'Artefacts' at https://skyerecords.com Thanks to:- Lost Clock Productions Two Left Feat Acrobatic Troupe The Argyle Bar